A message from our founder


GER began when I moved to the awe inspiring mountains of Vermont in 2005. Having founded a successful small animal rescue, I felt here in Vermont with its open land it was time to help the horses. And so along with my husband we created GER. I soon learned of the horrors that our American horses endure within the slaughter pipeline and knew then that the GER’s mission needed to be devoted towards helping these majestic creatures.   

But with everything moving smoothly it seemed there were other plans in store for me. On Memorial Day 2006 I suffered a severe stroke, leaving me paralyzed on one side of my body. Time stopped as I fought for the miracle that was eventually granted!  Having gotten my body and life back I became even more devoted to saving as many horses as I could, giving them their miracle of a second chance! 

Gerda Silver 

President and Founder  

While our story started with one woman it doesn't end there, it continues with the horses and people that GER helps bring together every day, horses like....  





One day in November we received a call from Darlene who had seen our scared little grulla pony named Buzz for adoption. She lived in CA and wanted to surprise her almost 2 year old granddaughter with Buzz for Christmas. Chelsie fell in love with Buzz and with the help of a trainer and her grandma Buzz and Chelsie thrived together! As Chelsie became too big to ride Buzz they decided to train him how to drive! Now no matter how big Chelsea gets Buzz and she will always be partners on their journey through life together!   





Maple came to us petrified of people from auction. She cowered in her stall and didn’t bond with any of the other horses. After of working with her and making little progress GER decided the best life we could give Maple was at Labrador Sanctuary in NJ where she could just be a horse. Her first day at the sanctuary she bonded with another horse, almost as though she knew that this was her forever home where she could begin healing from the trauma that humans had caused her throughout her life.   





Over the summer, two Navajo healers visited GER to do a blessing ceremony. On arrival, Gino met Dorado, and the two had an instant connection. Throughout the entire ceremony Dorado never took his eyes off Geno. After returning to Arizona Geno contacted GER about adopting Dorado. After much planning and consideration Dorado made the long journey to AZ where he now lives on Geno’s 1,000 acres with his six other horses. A few years later through Dorado's many trials as a modern gelding in a world of having a heard if his own he has ponied up with the scars to prove it and he is  now respected in both worlds. One integrating with a wild mustang herd and the other warding mustang stallions off from stealing the mares in Gino's heard. Any yes he is Gino's healing horse for people to visit!





Hillary began riding her childhood horse Misty when she was 8 years old. The two spent many happy years together but unfortunately after her family moved from NH to VT expenses lead Hillary to sell Misty. A few years later, a friend mentioned that she had seen a video of a horse on the GER's facebook page that reminded her of Misty. Hillary watched the video and was shocked to see that it was her! She contacted GER and was at the rescue the next morning to reunite with her childhood pony. Hillary knew they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together...and that is exactly how is is!


Symbols of grace and beauty, horses have contributed greatly to society throughout history, and yet healthy American horses such as sport, working, and family horses, often end up on the heartbreaking road to slaughter. While horse slaughter is “currently” not happening on U.S. soil
our horses are still being shipped across the boarders to Mexico & Canada daily,

 their meat used for human consumption. A demise fraught with intense terror and abuse during transport. We primarily rescue horses from auction as they are the ones already in the slaughter pipeline and whose lives are in imminent danger.
The answer to the question of why we do what we do is to save the ones we can, giving them back a chance to live out their lives.
Our work deals with many heartless people committing heartbreaking actions. Yet, every horse saved and is in a good home, is nothing short of heartwarming!




Gerda Silver is a force of nature and Gerda's Equine Rescue is a wonderful, responsible and amazing organization. They are saving, healing, training and placing horses that otherwise would not have a chance at life. My friend adopted the most beautiful and wonderful little mare... perfect for her! They deserve ALL the support they can get.  


Wonderful place!! All the horses at GER are very well cared for & loved a lot! It’s a happy place, & the horses that come to GER are truly the lucky ones…  


Amazing place full of love, care and compassion!! It seems to be a place out of a fairy tale - atrue sanctuary for animals!!


I LOVE GERDA'S EQUINE RESCUE! Gerda, Dottie, and the whole team are some of the loveliest horse people I have ever met, and treat their horses with tremendous care and love...


I am so grateful for all the amazing work that Gerda and her team do everyday. This is a wonderful place that has saved so many lives. They work hard to get the very best care for all of the animals. I'm impressed by the thought that they put into every animal's physical and emotional wellbeing. Thank you for doing what you do!


Absolutely incredible rescue and facility! They are dedicated and thorough in finding the right fit for both horses and home. Gerda’s has the welfare of the horses at the forefront. Gerda’s represents the pinnacle of rescue!